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05/14/2018 - 05/20/2018

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      I Wanna Be More                   Leanne Pearson                           27    CU1       

2      Slow Down                         Brandon Stansell                         27    CU1       

3      Baby Just Cruise                  Kassidy Lynne                            26    CU1       

4      Cannonball                        Cash Campbell             Captain And    26    CU1       

5      Close Your Eyes                   Bonnie Paul                              26    CU1       

6      Country Music Revival             Jamie Suttle              Invention Ci   26    CU1       

7      Devil And You                     Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   26    CU1       

8      Dictator                          Rocky Athas               Cherryburst    26    CU1       

9      Don't Wanna Think About It        Cash Campbell             Captain And    26    CU1       

10     Fever Pitch                       Rainbow Kitten Surprise   Elektra/Atla   26    CU1       

11     Four Letter Word                  Zach Stone                JetPack Nash   26    CU1       

12     Hook Line & Sinker                Smith & Wesley            Dream Walkin   26    CU1       

13     I Got This                        Jerrod Niemann            Curb Records   26    CU1       

14     I'd Die For You                   Robert Stowell            Vision Enter   26    CU1       

15     Love Heals                        Levi Hummon/Alison Kraus  Iconic Music   26    CU1       

16     Pretty Roses                      Raquel Aurilia                           26    CU1       

17     Priority                          Julia Cole                               26    CU1       

18     Shut Up And Dance                 Heather Whitney                          26    CU1       

19     Something To Complain About       Jenny Tolman              Old Sol Reco   26    CU1       

20     That Ain't Love                   Karen Volpe               Digital Mind   26    CU1       

21     The Narrow Bridge                 Nefesh Mountain                          26    CU1       

22     Undeniable                        Anthony Orio              Country Fix/   26    CU1       

23     Wants What It Wants               Indigo Summer                            26    CU1       

24     Why Is The Bluebird Blue?         Jeremy Parsons                           26    CU1       

25     All Over Again                    RJ Comer                  Growling Moo   25    CU1       

26     Don't Get Better Than That        LOCASH                    Reviver Reco   25    CU1        

27     Envy                              Joyann Parker             Hopeless Rom   25    CU1       

28     Faith In The Water                The Texas Red Dirt Choir  Smith Music    25    CU1       

29     Highway                           Rahn Anthoni                             25    CU1       

30     Hillbilly Love Song               Little Feather            Curb Records   25    CU1       

31     I Can Only Imagine                MercyMe                   Fair Trade S   25    CU1       

32     Love Is Dear                      Bonnie Paul                              25    CU1       

33     Me Too                            Haley & Michaels/Tarana   Hickory Reco   25    CU1       

34     Ride A Wide Circle                Templeton Thompson/Micha  Reve Records   25    CU1       

35     Roam                              Sweet Sweet                              25    CU1       

36     Ruined This Town                  Lee Gantt                 HH Entertain   25    CU1       

37     Selfish                           Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Engine   25    CU1       

38     Somebody Kissed Me In A Bar       Sandra Lynn               Silver Linin   25    CU1       

39     Stupid                            Levi Hummon               Iconic Music   25    CU1       

40     Superman For A Day                Smith & Wesley            Dream Walkin   25    CU1       

41     Tequila Cowgirl                   Cherish Lee                              25    CU1       

42     Wishful Drinking                  Indigo Summer             Indigo Summe   25    CU1       

43     Clean Up On Aisle Five            Mo Pitney                 Curb Records   24    CU1       

44     Raisin' Hell                      Debra D'Lane                             24    CU1       

45     The Good Ole Days                 Tracy Lawrence/Big & Ric  Lawrence Mus   24    CU1       


Grand Total: 45   Spins: 1148


Category: CU1 = Current
Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic
| HC = Holiday

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