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03/19/2018 - 03/25/2018

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      Highway                           Rahn Anthoni                             20    CU1

2      I Wanna Be More                   Leanne Pearson                           20    CU1

3      Love Shine                        Kevin Costner/Modern Wes  Triple Creek   20    CU1

4      Alright, Tonight!                 Kevin McGuire                            19    CU1

5      Back In Love Again                Richard Lynch/Rhonda Vin                 19    CU1

6      Believe It                        Soul Circus Cowboys       Kismet Nashv   19    CU1

7      Burn This House Down              Jeremy Parsons            Checkered Fl   19    CU1

8      Country Music Revival             Jamie Suttle              Invention Ci   19    CU1

9      Dirty South                       Lucas Hoge                Rebel Engine   19    CU1

10     Every Time You Run                Frank Ray                 White Knuckl   19    CU1

11     Heroes In Your Hometown           Shantell Ogden            Hip Farm Chi   19    CU1

12     How The Hell Did I Get Here       Tommy Steele Band         Triple Creek   19    CU1

13     Old Porch Swing                   Tony Jackson              DDS Entertai   19    CU1

14     Rerun                             Jillian Cardarelli                       19    CU1

15     Solid Ground                      Rebecca Correia           Kind Of Blue   19    CU1

16     Standing In My Way                Charley Pride             Music City R   19    CU1

17     Tequila Cowgirl                   Cherish Lee                              19    CU1

18     A1A                               Indigo Summer                            18    CU1

19     All Come Together                 John Berry And Friends    JB Music, LL   18    CU1

20     Baby Just Cruise                  Kassidy Lynne                            18    CU1

21     Bump, Bump, Bump                  Re Mattei                 Trendy Girl    18    CU1

22     Clean Up On Aisle Five            Mo Pitney                 Curb Records   18    CU1

23     Devil And You                     Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   18    CU1

24     Dictator                          Rocky Athas               Cherryburst    18    CU1

25     Fever Pitch                       Rainbow Kitten Surprise   Elektra/Atla   18    CU1

26     Hillbilly Love Song               Little Feather            Curb Records   18    CU1

27     Hooked                            Dylan Scott               Curb Records   18    CU1

28     Hotels & Highways                 Terry McBride             MV2 Entertai   18    CU1

29     I Want A Girl                     Nick Brennan              MC1 Nashvill   18    CU1

30     Knockin' On Heaven's Door         Lefroy                    Stallion Rec   18    CU1

31     Leaving California                Jack Shields                             18    CU1

32     Never Give Up                     Jake McVey                RPM Entertai   18    CU1

33     Nowhere (Acoustic)                Joanna Yaeger             Allegiant En   18    CU1

34     Run Girl                          Bailey James                             18    CU1

35     Superman For A Day                Smith & Wesley            Dream Walkin   18    CU1

36     Undeniable                        Anthony Orio              Country Fix/   18    CU1

37     Warning Sign                      Justin Dukes                             18    CU1

38     What I Really Want To Say         Steven Ybarra                            18    CU1

39     Wrong Girl                        Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   18    CU1

40     You Worry Me                      Nathaniel Rateliff/The N  Stax/Concord   18    CU1

41     Yours                             Russell Dickerson         Triple Tiger   18    CU1

42     Alabama Rain                      DuShane Band              Turtle Bay M   17    CU1

43     All That Cowboy Jazz              Paul Bogart                              17    CU1

44     All The Beer In Alabama           Shane Owens                              17    CU1

45     Cannonball                        Cash Campbell             Captain And    17    CU1

46     Catch Me                          Maggie Baugh              Cold River R   17    CU1

47     Coolest Girl In The World         Jenna Paulette            Grit Brand E   17    CU1

48     Crazy Idea                        Jessica Lynn                             17    CU1

49     Dallas On Your Boots              Holly Tucker              M&D Records    17    CU1

50     Don't Wanna Say Goodnight         Christian Lopez           Blaster Reco   17    CU1

51     Don't Wanna Think About It        Cash Campbell             Captain And    17    CU1

52     Faith In The Water                The Texas Red Dirt Choir  Smith Music    17    CU1

53     Hey California                    Sandra Lynn               Silver Linin   17    CU1

54     I Come From America               Grant Maloy Smith                        17    CU1

55     I Got This                        Jerrod Niemann            Curb Records   17    CU1

56     Life Boat                         Melanie Meriney           Steel Fox Re   17    CU1

57     Long Drive Home                   Suzi Oravec                              17    CU1

58     Love Heals                        Levi Hummon/Alison Kraus  Iconic Music   17    CU1

59     Old Guitar                        The Nickel Slots          TNS Records    17    CU1

60     Old Roman Soldier                 Gene Watson               Fourteen Car   17    CU1

61     Outta Style                       Aaron Watson              BIG Label Re   17    CU1

62     Prove It                          Crowder/KB                sixstepsreco   17    CU1

63     Selfish                           Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Engine   17    CU1

64     Somebody Kissed Me In A Bar       Sandra Lynn               Silver Linin   17    CU1

65     Summer Song                       Marc Daniels              Independent    17    CU1

66     The Good Ole Days                 Tracy Lawrence/Big & Ric  Lawrence Mus   17    CU1

67     Wants What It Wants               Indigo Summer                            17    CU1

68     While We're Young                 April Kry                 Metric Recor   17    CU1

69     Anyone Else                       Krystal Keith/Lance Carp  Show Dog Rec   16    CU1

70     Close Your Eyes                   Bonnie Paul                              16    CU1

71     I'd Die For You                   Robert Stowell            Vision Enter   16    CU1

72     Perfect To Me                     Clark Hill                Nine North R   16    CU1

73     Stupid                            Levi Hummon               Iconic Music   15    CU1


Grand Total: 73   Spins: 1296


Category: CU1 = Current
Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic
| HC = Holiday

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