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11/19/2018 - 11/25/2018

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      Bare Feet                         Caroline Jones            Mailboat Rec   25    CU1       

2      Better Than Flowers               Chuck Wicks               Tree Stand R   25    CU1       

3      Walk Your Road                    Stephanie Joy                            25    CU1       

4      We Made Out                       Houston Bernard                          25    CU1       

5      American Things                   Ryan Sims                 High 4 Recor   24    CU1       

6      Chose To Be A Man                 Kyle Jennings             Dark Horse R   24    CU1       

7      Dreamcatcher                      Chelsea Williams          Blue Elan Re   24    CU1       

8      Happy Hour                        Cole Bradley              Kala Records   24    CU1       

9      I Couldn't Help Myself            Adina E                   Luli Records   24    CU1       

10     Jump                              Sara Spicer               ONErpm         24    CU1       

11     New Ways To Fall                  Sarah Shook & The Disarm  Bloodshot Re   24    CU1       

12     Party Girls                       Charles Parker            CPM Records    24    CU1       

13     Remember All The Nights           Brailey Lenderman         Halogen Ente   24    CU1       

14     The Ghosts Have Eaten Well        The Black Feathers                       24    CU1       

15     This Ol' War                      CoCo O'Connor             Satarah Reco   24    CU1       

16     Acapella                          Morgan Myles              Edge Music N   23    CU1       

17     Crazy Beautiful                   Tia McGraff                              23    CU1       

18     Dirty South                       Marc Daniels                             23    CU1       

19     F150                              Jenna Paulette            Grit Brand E   23    CU1       

20     For Days                          Indigo Summer                            23    CU1       

21     Good Luck With That               Broseph                   16 Minutes M   23    CU1       

22     I Just Lived A Country Song       Robbie Fulks & Linda Gai  Bloodshot re   23    CU1       

23     I'm Already There                 Bonnie Paul                              23    CU1       

24     I'm Here To Party With You        Brian Lee Bender          Nine North R   23    CU1       

25     Keepin' On                        Rod Black                 Bristol Reco   23    CU1       

26     Let It Be You                     Danielle Johnson                         23    CU1        

27     Loading Zones                     Kurt Vile                                23    CU1       

28     Put A Woman In Charge             Keb' Mo'/Rosanne Cash     Kind of Blue   23    CU1       

29     Roll Like That                    John Gaar                 Jango Bleaux   23    CU1       

30     Run Wild Horse                    Aaron Watson              Big Label Re   23    CU1       

31     Saltwater Gypsy                   Aubrey Wollett                           23    CU1       

32     Sit Awhile                        The Band Steele           First River    23    CU1       

33     Slip Slidin' Away                 Karen Atkins              Universal Mu   23    CU1       

34     That Town                         Eileen Carey                             23    CU1       

35     This Is It                        Scotty McCreery           Triple Tiger   23    CU1       

36     You Got Me                        Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   23    CU1       

37     Come All You Coal Mines/Take Me   Bela Fleck/& Abigial Was  Rounder Reco   22    CU1       

38     Kiss Me Already                   Leanne Pearson                           22    CU1       

39     Moonshinner's Daughter            Cindy G                   Blue Road Re   22    CU1       

40     Steel Horse                       Penny Jayne Black         SSM Evolutio   22    CU1       

41     The In Between                    Cash Campbell             Captain & Be   22    CU1       

42     Why is the Bluebird Blue          Jeremy Parsons                           22    CU1       

43     Work On You                       Jordan Foster             Red 10 Recor   22    CU1       

44     Ain't No App For That             Tony Jackson              DDS Entertai   21    CU1       

45     I Believe                         Cowboy Mouth                             21    CU1       

46     Italian Country Song              Nadia Lanfranconi         Devil Hills    21    CU1       

47     Light In The Sky                  We Banjo 3                               21    CU1       

48     Rumor                             Lee Brice                 Curb Records   21    CU1       

49     There For You                     Antonio Moraes            ONErpm         21    CU1       

50     You Didn't Want Me                Love And Theft            Curb Records   21    CU1       


Grand Total: 50   Spins: 1148


CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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