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12/09/2019 - 12/15/2019

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      Somebody Like That                Tenille Arts              Reviver Reco   19    CU1       

2      Big Bear In The Sky               Chuck Mead                Plowboy Reco   18    CU1       

3      Dear Radio                        Pamela McNeill            Sweet Heart    18    CU1       

4      Dive Bar                          Garth Brooks/Blake Shelt  Pearl Record   18    CU1       

5      Embrujo                           STOKOFF                   Independence   18    CU1       

6      Every Day Kind Of Love            Kyle Park                 Kyle Park Mu   18    CU1       

7      Let You In                        Pete Muller               Kindred Soul   18    CU1       

8      Lighthouse                        Henriette                                18    CU1       

9      London                            Filmore                   Curb Records   18    CU1       

10     One At A Time                     Jackson Michelson         Curb Records   18    CU1       

11     The Lucky Ones                    CC Miles                                 18    CU1       

12     You                               SoHo Down                                18    CU1       

13     27007                             Dylan Joseph                             17    CU1       

14     72's                              Brinn Black               Rhyme Partne   17    CU1       

15     Anchor                            Juna N Joey               River Run Re   17    CU1       

16     Don't Close Your Eyes             Dylan Scott               Curb Records   17    CU1       

17     Dust On A Diamond                 Bailey Hefley                            17    CU1       

18     Everything's Here But You         Kaitlyn Kohler            Kohler Music   17    CU1       

19     Forgive Me                        Chloe Caroline                           17    CU1       

20     I Feel Good                       Scott Stevens             Anthem Recor   17    CU1       

21     It's A Good Time To Fall In Love  Nick Brennan              MC1 Nashvill   17    CU1       

22     Knockin' Boots                    Luke Bryan                UMG Nashvill   17    CU1       

23     Like The Moon                     Radio Romance                            17    CU1       

24     Parachute (Acoustic)              Lexanna                   Kyle Park Mu   17    CU1       

25     Promise To Love Her               Blane Howard              Jawline Reco   17    CU1       

26     Spark                             Tiffany Woys                             17    CU1        

27     The Baby King                     The Runaway Hamsters (Ak  Kent Wells P   17    CU1       

28     Twenty-Two                        Danny Griego/K.P. Fitz    American Ark   17    CU1       

29     American Flags                    Gary Kyle                 Rise Records   16    CU1       

30     Bad Liar                          Kalsey Kulyk              Red Dot        16    CU1       

31     Buck Wild and Whiskey Crazy       Robert Eskridge           Bucketlist R   16    CU1       

32     Crystal Clear                     Jordan Foster             Red Ten Reco   16    CU1       

33     Damn You Love                     Kalsey Kulyk              Anthem Recor   16    CU1       

34     Differently Abled Man             Caitlin Nicole                           16    CU1       

35     Drink About Me                    Brett Kissel              AWAL/Warner    16    CU1       

36     Emotional Honesty                 Mags                      Emerald Fiel   16    CU1       

37     Flatland Hillbillies              Rodney Crowell/Randy Rog  RCI Records    16    CU1       

38     Gulf Coast Girl                   Caroline Jones/The Pelic  True To The    16    CU1       

39     Honky Tonkin' (Whoever Said It W  Kendall Shaffer           Rouxbie Musi   16    CU1       

40     Hostage                           Tiffany Woys                             16    CU1       

41     How Could I Not                   Mason Ramsey              Atlantic       16    CU1       

42     Jealous Of The Sky                Marty Rhone               Ostavocal      16    CU1       

43     Jungle                            Krista Angelucci                         16    CU1       

44     Keyboard Cowboy                   Richard Lynch             Fence Row      16    CU1       

45     Lemonade                          Bobby Messano             Fishhead Rec   16    CU1       

46     Let It Ride                       Antonio Moraes                           16    CU1       

47     Love Is Us                        Charles Parker            CPM Records    16    CU1       

48     Me                                Mallary Hope              Curb Records   16    CU1       

49     Never Knew I Needed You           Tremecula Road            Hollywood      16    CU1       

50     Once In A Blue Moon               Kurt Stevens                             16    CU1       

51     One Horse Town                    Blackberry Smoke          3 Legged Rec   16    CU1       

52     Open Eyes                         Cas Haley                 Mailboat Rec   16    CU1       

53     Santa Barbara                     James Lee Baker                          16    CU1       

54     So Good It Hurts                  Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   16    CU1       

55     Sunshine                          Southern Halo             Southern Hal   16    CU1       

56     This Old Town                     Megan Linville            WPM            16    CU1       

57     Way Back In The Woods             Alexis Ebert              Smashville E   16    CU1       

58     Whatcha Drnkin' 'Bout             Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Engine   16    CU1       

59     Whatever This Is                  Jessie G                  Redneck Reco   16    CU1        

60     When You Say Nothing At All       Dylan Scott               Curb Records   16    CU1       

61     Dream Boy                         Henriette                 Dr. Music Re   15    CU1       

62     Every Dog Has Its Day             Flat River Band           MTS Records    15    CU1       

63     God Only Knows                    for King & Country/Dolly  Curb | Word    15    CU1       

64     How A Free Man Feels              Terry Robb                NiaSounds      15    CU1       

65     I Only Cry When I'm Alone/Upside  Beth Bombara              Lemp Electri   15    CU1       

66     If I Was A Cowboy                 Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Engine   15    CU1       

67     Kissing Strangers                 JuJu Rossi                Go Long Ente   15    CU1       

68     Making Things Up As I Go          Jeremy Parsons            MTS Records    15    CU1       

69     Meet Me Half Way                  Eileen Carey              Rock 'N Reta   15    CU1       

70     That Will Be The Day              Lucas Hoge                Forge Entert   14    CU1       

71     22                                Blackbird Anthem                         13    CU1       

72     Childhood Sweethearts             Bonnie Paul/Randy Travis                 13    CU1       


Grand Total: 72   Spins: 1176

CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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