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08/01/2021 - 08/08/2021

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      A Woman Like That                 Johnathan Len                            23    CU1       

2      Boys Like You                     Gracie Yates              Red 10 Recor   23    CU1       

3      Country Boy                       Miranda Easten                           23    CU1       

4      Smoke In A Bar                    Travis Tritt              Big Noise      23    CU1       

5      When I Think About Angels 2.0     Jamie O'Neal/Martina McB  BFD/Audium N   23    CU1       

6      Ain't Met Us Yet                  Matt Cooper                              22    CU1       

7      Alone                             Queen V                   Royal Noise    22    CU1       

8      Amy's Gone                        The Tennessee Werewolves  Verado Recor   22    CU1       

9      Believe                           Vinnie Valentino                         22    CU1       

10     Bradley                           Casey Ahern                              22    CU1       

11     Break Another Heart               Kaitlyn Kohler            Kohler Music   22    CU1       

12     Can't Change A Man                Minnie Murphy             Pakimo Recor   22    CU1       

13     Come In (But Don't Make Yourself  Caroline Jones            Mailboat Rec   22    CU1       

14     Friend With A Beer                Gavin Lee                                22    CU1       

15     Get Lost                          Lucas Hoge                Forge Entert   22    CU1       

16     Heaven On Dirt                    Gord Bamford              Anthem Recor   22    CU1       

17     Honest                            Queen V                   Royal Noise    22    CU1       

18     I Hate This Town                  Madison Hudson                           22    CU1       

19     Kiss On A Cold Cold Stone         Jesse Brock               Sound Biscui   22    CU1       

20     Little Things                     Pamela Hopkins/Matt Dame                 22    CU1       

21     Lonely Girl                       Danny Kensy               Rad Records    22    CU1       

22     Memorize You                      Laine Hardy               Hollywood      22    CU1       

23     Might As Well Lead                Manny Blu                                22    CU1       

24     New Mexico Way                    John Vento                               22    CU1       

25     Rock On Her Window                Blane Howard              Jawline Reco   22    CU1       

26     Show Off                          QUEEVA                    CMD Music      22    CU1        

27     Something Good To Miss            Juna N Joey               River Run Re   22    CU1       

28     Vibin'                            The Kentucky Gentlemen                   22    CU1       

29     We Both Know Better               James Cook/Sarah Hobbs                   22    CU1       

30     Witness Protection                Jim Stanard               Manatee Reco   22    CU1       

31     Words & Alibis                    Dustin Chapman                           22    CU1       

32     American Crazy                    Gavin Lee                                21    CU1       

33     Be The Light                      Amanda Hagel                             21    CU1       

34     Country In The Girl               Jenna Paulette            Grit Brand E   21    CU1       

35     Don't Even Know Your Mama         Presley  & Taylor         White Mustan   21    CU1       

36     Forever Came Today                Billie Jo                                21    CU1       

37     I Miss Living In A Country Town   Greg Hudik                Platinum Rec   21    CU1       

38     I'll Keep It Country              Cory Keefe                KDM Records    21    CU1       

39     It Starts With Hello              See Your Shadow                          21    CU1       

40     Local Honey                       Mo Pitney                 Curb Records   21    CU1       

41     New Truck                         Dylan Scott               Curb Records   21    CU1       

42     Niceride                          Christopher Shayne        Carry On Mus   21    CU1       

43     Preachin', Prayin', Soul Savin'   Bobby & Teddi Cyrus       Pinecastle R   21    CU1       

44     The American Face                 The Isaacs                               21    CU1       

45     This Song's For You               Wesley Dennis             KDM Records    21    CU1       

46     Timeless                          Jessie G                  Redneck Reco   21    CU1       

47     Tip Jar                           Jackson Michelson         Curb Records   21    CU1       

48     When I See You Smile              Kari Holmes               Nashville Am   21    CU1       

49     Worst Bad Decision                Manny Cabo                Moxy Records   21    CU1       

50     Price Of Fame                     Tracy Lawrence/Eddie Mon                 20    CU1       

51     Rewind                            Kyle Park                                20    CU1       

52     Song Of The Summer                Tebey/Una Healy           Jayward Arti   20    CU1       


Grand Total: 52   Spins: 1125



CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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