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08/19/2019 - 08/25/2019

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      Big Bear In The Sky               Chuck Mead                Plowboy Reco   21    CU1       

2      Drinking Left To Do               Nick Alligood             Maverick Mus   21    CU1       

3      How Do You Know                   QUEEVA                    CMD Music      21    CU1       

4      I Stand For The Flag              Wes Cook Band                            21    CU1       

5      It's All On Me                    Bonnie Paul                              21    CU1       

6      Man of Constant Sorrow            AC Thomas                 Birmingham E   21    CU1       

7      My Kind of Country                David Petovar             Strong and F   21    CU1       

8      the Devil, A Wounded Man, and Me  CoCo O'Connor             Satarah Reco   21    CU1       

9      We Had A Good Thing Goin'         Marty Rhone               Ostavocal      21    CU1       

10     72's                              Brinn Black               Rhyme Partne   20    CU1       

11     Bad Liar                          Kalsey Kulyk              Red Dot        20    CU1       

12     California In My Mind             Truxton Mile                             20    CU1       

13     Chasin' Me                        Caroline Jones            True To The    20    CU1       

14     Cry LIke A Girl                   Brooke Moriber                           20    CU1       

15     Dust On A Diamond                 Bailey Hefley                            20    CU1       

16     Flatland Hillbillies              Rodney Crowell/Randy Rog  RCI Records    20    CU1       

17     Hard Time                         Jeremie Albino            Cinematic Mu   20    CU1       

18     Honky Tonk Wife                   Adrian Johnston                          20    CU1       

19     I Love The Lie                    Kree Harrison             Visionary Re   20    CU1       

20     Keyboard Cowboy                   Richard Lynch             Fence Row      20    CU1       

21     Knockin' Boots                    Luke Bryan                UMG Nashvill   20    CU1       

22     Like The Moon                     Radio Romance                            20    CU1       

23     Making Things Up As I Go          Jeremy Parsons            MTS Records    20    CU1       

24     Mississippi Mud                   Derek Davis                              20    CU1       

25     One At A Time                     Jackson Michelson         Curb Records   20    CU1       

26     One Box Of Tissues                Corinne Cook              CCM Records    20    CU1        

27     Open Eyes                         Cas Haley                 Mailboat Rec   20    CU1       

28     Ride Or Die                       Alexis Ebert              Smashville E   20    CU1       

29     Santa Barbara                     James Lee Baker                          20    CU1       

30     Somewhere Out In California       Chris James/The Showdown                 20    CU1       

31     Sunshine                          Southern Halo             Southern Hal   20    CU1       

32     Take It Like A Man                Chelsea Bain              Turn 3 Recor   20    CU1       

33     The Window                        Jamie Lee Thurston        Thurston For   20    CU1       

34     The World Is In A Tangle          Jontavious Willis         Kind of Blue   20    CU1       

35     Tonight I Don't Give A Damn       Erin Enderlin             Black Crow P   20    CU1       

36     Twang                             Mason Ramsey              Atlantic       20    CU1       

37     White Bikini                      Jordan Foster             Red Ten Reco   20    CU1       

38     27007                             Dylan Joseph                             19    CU1       

39     Boomerang                         Abi                       One Country    19    CU1       

40     Buck Wild and Whiskey Crazy       Robert Eskridge           Bucketlist R   19    CU1       

41     California To Ohio                The Shootouts                            19    CU1       

42     Dear Radio                        Pamela McNeill            Sweet Heart    19    CU1       

43     High Steppin                      The Avett Brothers        Republic Rec   19    CU1       

44     If I Was A Cowboy                 Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Engine   19    CU1       

45     If You Met Me First               Eric Ethridge             Red Dot        19    CU1       

46     It's A Good Time To Fall In Love  Nick Brennan              MC1 Nashvill   19    CU1       

47     Jolene                            Stephanie Urbina Jones/H  Casa Del Rio   19    CU1       

48     Lemonade                          Bobby Messano             Fishhead Rec   19    CU1       

49     Let You In                        Pete Muller               Kindred Soul   19    CU1       

50     Me                                Mallary Hope              Curb Records   19    CU1       

51     So Good It Hurts                  Olivia Lane               Big Spark Mu   19    CU1       

52     Spark                             Tiffany Woys                             19    CU1       

53     The Mother                        Brandi Carlile            Elektra        19    CU1       

54     You                               SoHo Down                                19    CU1       

55     Crystal Clear                     Jordan Foster             Red Ten Reco   18    CU1       

56     How A Free Man Feels              Terry Robb                NiaSounds      18    CU1       

57     I Only Cry When I'm Alone/Upside  Beth Bombara              Lemp Electri   17    CU1       


Grand Total: 57   Spins: 1125


CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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