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04/15/2019 - 04/21/2019

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.


1      Flame                             Melanie Meriney           Steel Fox En   25    CU1       

2      Do You                            Kaylee Rutland                           24    CU1       

3      The Lover                         RiverShine                WyldRiver En   24    CU1       

4      Ugly                              Stephanie Quayle          Rebel Entert   24    CU1       

5      Wild Honey                        Phil Jones Band                          24    CU1       

6      A Little On The Redneck Side      Smith & Wesley            Dream Walkin   23    CU1       

7      Black Coffee                      Rob Higginbotham/The Mys                 23    CU1       

8      Don't Let The Old Man In          Toby Keith                Show Dog Nas   23    CU1       

9      Hail Mary                         Haley & Michaels          Hickory Reco   23    CU1       

10     House Of Light                    Taylor Barton             Green Mirror   23    CU1       

11     How Good Is Good Gonna Get        Tommy Steele Band         Triple Creek   23    CU1       

12     Leave Her Wild                    Sundance Head                            23    CU1       

13     Love True Just For You            John Tracy                SoundCafe Re   23    CU1       

14     Midnight Strangers                The Black Lillies                        23    CU1       

15     Rise Up                           Kathyn Lowe                              23    CU1       

16     Thinkin' and Drinkin'             Colossal Boss             Midstokke Mu   23    CU1       

17     We Had A Good Thing Goin'         Marty Rhone               Ostavocal      23    CU1       

18     Work It                           Cherie Oakley             Number One G   23    CU1       

19     American Thread                   Tim Montana                              22    CU1       

20     Boy And A Man                     AJ McLean                 MF Records     22    CU1       

21     Caught Up In The Country          Rodney Atkins/Fisk Jubil  Curb Records   22    CU1       

22     Chasin' Trouble                   Briana Renea              BR Productio   22    CU1       

23     Could've Tried                    Moriah Domby                             22    CU1       

24     Dead And Gone (Swamp Version)     The Dead Daisies          Spitfire Mus   22    CU1       

25     Don't Let Go                      Binky                     32s Producti   22    CU1       

26     Just Say When                     Walker Montgomery                        22    CU1        

27     Night Visions                     AJ McLean                 MF Records     22    CU1       

28     Nothing To Do Town                Dylan Scott               Curb           22    CU1       

29     Red Letters                       Crowder                   sixstepsreco   22    CU1       

30     Ride Or Die                       Alexis Ebert              Smashville E   22    CU1       

31     Rio                               Kyle Park                 Kyle Park Mu   22    CU1       

32     Save Me From Me                   Scott Shipley             3 Square       22    CU1       

33     Should've Been A Cowboy Live XXV  Toby Keith                Showdog Reco   22    CU1       

34     Think Of Me                       Tahne                                    22    CU1       

35     To Stay                           Sarah Patrick             Nashville Am   22    CU1       

36     Wait For It                       Houston Bernard                          22    CU1       

37     American Love                     Hasting and Co.           Independent    21    CU1       

38     Birds And The Bees                Jes Marie                                21    CU1       

39     Gone West                         Gone West                 Triple Tiger   21    CU1       

40     Honky Tonk Wife                   Adrian Johnston                          21    CU1       

41     I Can't Imagine                   The Soul Circus Cowboys   Kismet Nashv   21    CU1       

42     I Love The Lie                    Kree Harrison             Visionary Re   21    CU1       

43     MORE TIME                         Kalsey Kulyk              ole Red Dot    21    CU1       

44     Sorry And Lonely                  Zach Stone                JetPack Nash   21    CU1       

45     Take It Like A Man                Chelsea Bain              Turn 3 Recor   21    CU1       

46     Us                                Jenna Raine               Crowd Surf     21    CU1       

47     White Bikini                      Jordan Foster             Red Ten Reco   21    CU1       

48     Wishing                           Maddie Leigh                             21    CU1       

49     My Kind of Country                David Petovar             Strong and F   20    CU1       

50     I Stand For The Flag              Wes Cook Band                            19    CU1       

51     It's All On Me                    Bonnie Paul                              19    CU1       


Grand Total: 51   Spins: 1126


CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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