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05/16/2022 - 05/22/2022

TW     Title                             Artist                    Label         Spins  Cat.



1 Need Somebody Albert Cummings Ivy Music Company 19 CU1
2 When I Cry Miku Martineau WhattaGuy Music 19 CU1
3 Best Of Me Josh Ramsay [+] Dallas Smith 604 Records 18 CU1
4 Probably Not Kali Indiana 18 CU1
5 Through With You Alex Miller Kentucky Kowboy Publ 18 CU1
6 Hand On The Heartland Mendon Hale Broken Levee Records 18 CU1
7 Country Girls American Young Curb Records 18 CU1
8 I Only Do It 'Cause I Have To Dennis J. Leise Towering Gringo 18 CU1
9 Like The Wind Wynn Williams DUBYA Records, LLC 18 CU1
10 Daisy Duke Two Step Alicia G 18 CU1
11 What's Your Story Flatline Road 18 CU1
12 It Was Red Jesse Lopez 18 CU1
13 Man In Black AstroGrizz 18 CU1
14 Let's Talk About Heroes Ryan Weaver WCB Records 18 CU1
15 Urban Cowboy Glenn Valles 18 CU1
16 Talk To God Jed Jurgensmeyer Simba Entertainment 18 CU1
17 Confused KC Johns Southern Skye Record 18 CU1
18 All The Night We Need Taylon Hope 18 CU1
19 Pretty Girl On The Passenger S Jason Brownie Clearwater Records 18 CU1
20 San Antone Allora Leonard 18 CU1
21 Far From Home Krissy Feniak 18 CU1
22 Write You A Song Hanson 3CG Records 17 CU1
23 Chances F1 Felonation Music Gro 17 CU1
24 Damn Strait Scotty McCreery Triple Tiger Records 17 CU1
25 Guilty Jordana Bryant Riser House Records 17 CU1
26 Hits Me Like Lightning Brad Cole 17 CU1
27 Family Thing Dustin Chapman [+] Ryleigh Madi   17 CU1
28 Free Will In China Blue Sun King Rising 17 CU1
29 Amazing Cassidy-Rae 17 CU1
30 Black Horse Through Hell Reuben Brock 17 CU1
31 Deconstruction Of A Heartache Amanda Kate Rockin' R Records 17 CU1
32 Devil Road 3 Pairs Of Boots Dark Country Music 17 CU1
33 Drive Tom Yankton Southern Stock Enter 17 CU1
34 Real Americans Tommy Steele Band Triple Creek Records 17 CU1
35 Body First Laura Bryna LTD Entertainment LL 17 CU1
36 Crying On A Saturday Night Stella Prince 17 CU1
37 Mamas Anne Wilson [+] Hillary Scott Sparrow Records 17 CU1
38 Country Bars The Ten Ton Tinnies 17 CU1
39 Crying Wolf Ryan Necci [+] The Buffalo Gosp BMG Rights Managemen 16 CU1
40 Hot Beer Dillon Carmichael Riser House Records 16 CU1
41 Married In A Honky Tonk Jenny Tolman Old Sol Records 16 CU1
42 Renaissance Lady Katie Linendoll 16 CU1
43 That Old Wind Danny Kensy 16 CU1
44 Little I Got Amanda Kate Rockin' R Records 16 CU1
45 Thinking Out Loud Jess Kellie Adams 16 CU1
46 Don't Drink Whiskey Tracy Lawrence Lawrence Music Group 16 CU1
47 Song Still Gets Me Sarah Darling Be Darling LLC 16 CU1
48 Perfecto Octavio Stokoff 16 CU1
49 Who You Are The Swon_Brothers TSB Records 16 CU1
50 Showdown Bernadette Kathryn MC1 Nashville 16 CU1
51 Before I Knew It Mason Ramsey Atlantic Records 16 CU1
52 Love Can Build A Bridge The Judds Curb Records 16 CU1
53 Love Is Alive The Judds Curb Records 16 CU1
54 Heavy Lifting Pamela McNeill Farm to Label Record 16 CU1
55 Same River Jim Stanard Manatee Records 15 CU1
56 Son Of A Dillon Carmichael Riser House Records 15 CU1
57 Paint This Town Old Crow Medicine Show ATO Records 15 CU1
58 Soul Lee Brice Curb Records 15 CU1
59 I Don't Want You Back Tiffany Woys 15 CU1
60 Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Goo The Judds Curb Records 15 CU1
61 Give A Little Love The Judds Curb Records 15 CU1
62 One More Last Kiss Pamela Hopkins [+] Jason Lee Ca   14 CU1
63 Party At The Barn Soul Circus Cowboys Kismet Nashville 14 CU1
64 Pretender Sarah Darling Be Darling LLC 14 CU1
65 Humpty Dumpty Heart The Isaacs 14 CU1
66 Lend Me Your Heart Ryan Necci [+] The Buffalo Gosp BMG Rights Managemen 14 CU1
67 Mama He's Crazy The Judds Curb Records 14 CU1
68 Did You Say Such A Thing John Mellencamp [+] Bruce Sprin Republic Records 13 CU1




CU1 = Current | HC = Holiday

Not listed: CU2 = Re-current | CU3 = Classic

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